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DEMOS:  Guitar & Piccolo Bass

Here are some very rough demos of me playing riffs I wrote on guitar or piccolo bass.  I also have posted a few old demos that could easily be reworked.  None of the songs are done.  The last track is snippets of Goodbye Berlin basslines that have a lot of effects.  It will have to suffice as a demo of my effects, at least until I get more piccolo bass recordings up. 

I like all types of music, so these demos may be kind of all over the place.  I would like to incorporate all the below genres in a project.  I am looking for others to collaborate, write, and perform. 

Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Math-Rock, Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, Electronic, DnB, Sythwave, etc.

Please click on my Discography for more song writing and bass playing demos.

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