New Book: Fretboard Visualization

Fretboard Visualization

A Thought Process & Mode Theory for Bass Guitar

  • Do you want to learn how to elongate bass lines, improv, and know what to play with other musicians?

  • When your guitar or piano player gives you a key or chord progression are you stuck in a “box”, or one position?

  • Are you limited to a scale you know that fits with the chord(s)?


Fretboard Visualization can help.

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Fretboard Visualization is a comprehensible fretboard theory that will help you play fluidly from the nut to the bridge.  Use the whole neck of your bass, not just the one scale “box” you are stuck in.  This is not your typical scale book.  You will learn the whole fretboard.

The Fretboard Visualization technique teaches you a subconscious thought process, which will help you express yourself musically with out over thinking or learning licks.  It will expand your knowledge of your instrument, and will not interfere with personal style.

Fretboard Visualization is a e-book packed with colorful diagrams, musical examples, and music/TAB exercises.  This book will plant the seed and it will grow how ever you cultivate it. 

VIDEO:  Fretboard Visualization Playlist

This video playlist has examples of all exercises and chord progressions in the book 

Fretboard Visualization.  Buy the ebook at for TABs, music notation, and detailed method explanations.

Band: Goodbye Berlin


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VIDEO:  Goodbye Berlin - Without Words

Goodbye Berlin is a indie alt-rock band from northern New Jersey. Female fronted, melodic groove driven post-punk sound, which also alludes to bits of shoegaze & twang.

New Project: Demos

DEMOS:  <= Click here to check out some rough demos.

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